My design is characterized by vibrant colours, playful shapes and eye-catching typography.


I have an education in traditional graphic design and print design is very close to my heart. After my graduation I worked at the digital ad agency Animal in Stockholm for three years before starting my own business in 2015. The clients I have worked with range from big and broad to small and niche.

During my first year as a freelance designer I was missing the company and feedback from my colleagues at Animal, so I decided to start a little Slack community called CC Collective. 6 years later we are around 25 designers (graphic, 3D, UX/UI and type designers) that almost daily commuicate, share our work and help each other. 

I also have a side business as a ceramic artist with handmade products in small batches. It works as another creative outlet and I get to play with shapes and expressions in another medium.



Editorial design
Graphic design
Logotype design
Marketing material
Final art
Merch design
...and more

Selected clients

Juno PR
Go Care
Stiftelsen Viktor Rydbergs skolor
Tre Stiftelser
Our Normal
Think Safety
OCR Stockholm IF
Klarna (AFFAIRS)
Spotify (Animal)
Coop (Animal)
Reebok (Animal)
Skap (KWD Studio)
Backa (Geelmuyden Kiese)


Boogy Brut Poster White by Bureau Brut
Diagol Grotest by Kanon Foundry
Image by Kajsa Hällegårdh
Theme by Semplice
Special thanks to Aron Sundberg and CC Collective

© Katarina Fegraeus / KFAW AB